hi! my name is liz and i am a blogging procrastinator

So I have never been one to update a blog daily or at ALL. I am a procrastinator. SIMPLE. AS. THAT. I have always been one my whole life, yet I miraculously finish projects, papers or whatever it is on time. Could it be that I work better under pressure? Perhaps. Whatever my reason it, it’s unknown to me.

When it comes time to blog, I am awful! I know, you can say it. I’ve heard things from some of my favorite photographers about the importance of blogging. Blog about what you ate. Blog about your latest trip to get coffee (which is everyday, UGH!). Blog about ANYTHING they say! It’s a constant nagging in my head, but yet the more I nag myself the less I want to do it! But here I am. Starting my first one.

I have always relied heavily on Facebook to promote my business and its worked. However, I felt like I am not connecting with my clients. My clients don’t have a clue who I am besides the photos I post. When I looked for a photographer for my wedding, I dug and dug to learn about who he/she was. If they were fun, humorous, drank mochas all day like I did… I just wanted to learn about them before meeting them. When it came to me and my website, I failed. I know I need to invest my time in letting my clients know who I am before they meet me. I want them to get a sense of who I am as a mother, a wife and as a photographer before they meet me. So TAH - DAH!!! Here I am, hear me ROAR! Ok that was bad but I just listened to the new Katy Perry song so forgive me!

In this first blog I’ve attached some of my favorite engagement photos from the past couple of months. I will start to blog my sessions like a normal person from now on. Scouts honor! So here’s to the first entry! Please ignore the inconsistant logos. I had a mid-career crisis and rebranded from head to toe. LOL Can’t promise that that will stop!